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Welcome to Cleansing Ministries Rejuvenation Center. 
We offer a full menu of cutting edge rejuvenation therapies, Core Individuation, A New Paradigm for Healing, energetic remedies,and plant based nutritional resources. This state of the art Holistic Health Center provides a clean, comfortable, discrete environment to support your health goals. Miracles Happen...Believe...

...awakens the knowing of our
whole being. 

Trained in how to work with the
whole through CoreIndividuation™
principles and techniques, Karen
provides the awareness that we
are more than who we think we
are…we are more than just a
physical body. 

This awareness can help others
place chronic pain and illness of
the physical body into a more
balanced perspective. By offering
qualified support and safe
effective guidance, Karen supports
clients in taking charge of their
holistic health and authenticity. 

She welcomes individuals who
desire to be fully involved in their
own healing.

Core Synchronism

Beneficial for any kind of trauma to bring balance back including:
Migraines, Backaches, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Emotions,
Birthing (Pre- and Post-), and much more.

Karen's Videos on YouTube!
Karen makes videos to help others learn more about how to help themselves improve health, lymph flow, cellular metabolism, energy, reduce pain, and more.

Karen's Blog
Follow Karen's journey on her blog site above.

Come visit today!  Find out how easy it can be to achieve optimum heath and vitality.

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ATTENTION: The Cleansing Ministries is a private business. It does not render medical advice. If you have medical questions, you must consult with a licensed medical professional. Further use of any material, procedures, equipment, products, etc., excluding none, which are in use or may be in use here, must be used at the sole discretion of the client.
Blessings ~The Health Ministries

"The future is not some place we re going to, but one we are creating. Paths are not found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination."